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In 2018, your phone can be a very trusted friend. Prevents you from pursuing phones, helping you never forget the upcoming events and birthdays, helping you through your studies and helps you do more. In short, you are a very talented person because of your phone. Today, we’re bringing you the list of top ten apps that every Android user needs to install on their phones. We promise you will thank us later.

The number of applications in Google Play Store has risen to 3.3 million by March 2018.
There are many apps with the same functionality. So, instead of trying them all, we save some time to compile this list for free and great apps. This is some of the Android apps that you need on your device in 2018.

These apps are available in the Google Store. But due to the Google Play Store’s policies, many amazing applications are rejected. These apps then find their way into unofficial Android application stores. Like unofficial Android applications, you can install aptoide for free and explore all the apps that can not seen in the Google Play Store.

Due Today

Today helps (to perform tasks and lists) in your personal style. It helps you organize task lists to complete, reminds you to set updates and timelines and adjust your settings. It has the Get Things Done system and can sync your many accounts in the calendar. Work or personal life, today you can easily handle both.Due Today has 4.4 Stars rating on the Android Play Store.


You challenge the alarmer to be “fine”. The alarm will not sleep until you finish off their random little tasks to shake your brain out of the sleepy breath and fill you with the tasks, turn off the warning. If you have an oversleeping problem, this alarm will save you a lot of trouble.


The inshort is one of the best news reading apps in the drama store. For a period of 60 days, you have to tell the story, so you should think about all the things that are happening throughout the day. If you want to read the details, you have the option to read the full description. And, it’s not a fake news source.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free, trusted leader for reliably viewing, reference, and PDF signature. Open PDF documents quickly from any application that supports email, web, or “sharing”. Search, scroll and zoom and exit. Choose a single page, continuous scroll or reading mode.

You can easily access the scanned PDFs you’ve captured using the free Adobe Scan App. Open, review and share your scans in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Add comments to your document in the Acrobat Reader synced to Adobe Scan.

Everybody receives a lot of PDFs by reading mail and messages, and sometimes the default apps are inefficient and slow. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the standard and leading application when accessing PDF documents. This includes features such as editing, sticky notes, comments, quick zoom in and out. Lightning fast when opening and sharing large files in any app that supports sharing.


Firefox lets you quickly implement quick search results, open pages without a lag and protect your privacy. Its new feature helps you to secure your data from social media sites like Facebook, from the third party viewers.

Fast, smart and personal web experience. Firefox is the first ever browser by Mozilla, voted for a trusted Internet company for privacy. Get upgraded today and join Firefox for hundreds of millions of unique browsing experience.

Nike Training

Nike Training has 160 training videos for free! This means you can rock a killer body by working out of the house. For those who cannot afford time for the gym, we highly recommend using your personalized workout plans, which can be designed to be updated according to your problem.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky make it in the Top 10 best mobile antivirus tool in the Play Store because it’s all in one security system for your phone. It contains a antivirus, web security system and application lock. It is rated 4.7 stars and has amazing user reviews.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is a free downloadable antivirus solution that helps you keep your personal information safe from Internet and online hazards that are more vulnerable to your computer than phones and tablets. Our new app lock feature protects the privacy information from the eyes that you see.

Google Drive

When do you have to run away from the phone? We know how it feels. Google Drive is a cloud computer that lets you save everything you want from your phone, and you need your Google account. You can access data online, so you do not have to copy on the phone, it means more free space. It’s very secure and can be accessed from many devices.

You can store all files in one place and upload using smartphone android app, tablets or Window PC using Google Drive. Files in drive, like your videos, photos, and documents are backed up safely so they cannot be lost. Once there, you can easily invite others to view, edit or comment on your files or folders.

Google Map

Never lose again, do not get trapped in a traffic jam. Google Maps changes street view mapping across the country and globally. They provide shorter routes, transit traffic which can be avoided by the use of alternate routes, the most accurate ETA display. You can choose your transportation traffic for your customized display, store addresses, and register a cab for applications like Uber are using their services.

Get real-time updates quickly. Traffic beat with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions. Your bus, train or ride-share with real-time transit information. Save time with automatic reboot based on direct traffic, incidents and road closures. Group planning is easy. Share a short list of options and vote real-time. Create a list of your favorite places and share with friends. Please follow the local experts with Google and publishers recommendations


Find your favorite music and artists in Spotify. In order to use this application, you need only an internet connection. A premium feature can be downloaded by downloading and saving your playlist. They have a consistent list of your priorities, moods, and search.


These are the 10 best applications will definitely make you the most productive 2018 in order to meet everything you need in your everyday life. Please tell us about your experience and if you like these apps list then do comment for your valuable feedback.

Author Bio:

Jessica Watson writes for websites and blogs for two years. She had a fair share of writing in various places, but his main focus was on technology, smartphone and finance. Currently, she is working with client website called that provides free apks downloads.

Mitul Patel, Founded ProtonBits, one of the Top Software Development Company in 2011 offer mobile app development services across the globe. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company.