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Online business owners usually focus on a website’s user interface to attract customers. No doubt, the front end of a website needs to look beautiful and attractive to gain user attention, yet, inner pages such as a checkout page needs to be properly optimized. The importance of a checkout page supersedes all the other website elements such as CTA buttons, product specifications page etc. When designed clearly, a checkout page can increase conversions by turning visitors into clients. Here is a list of 8 popular eCommerce sites that have a perfect checkout page:


Apple needs no introduction. Just like the brand, the website is masterfully done with a well-designed checkout page. It uses white-spaces really well to focus on the call to action buttons. Many users leave their basket when having to register long details before checking out.

This problem is solved through a guest checkout option. Apple offers a guest checkout option to prevent shoppers from entering long forms in order to purchase a product from the app store. The only downside is that the future transactions by the same customer are not stored. Customers are also not able to trace their order this way, but if the customers have no issue with this feature, then offering a guest checkout option can serve to be a really helpful feature.


Many online stores have a shopping cart icon that appears at the header of every web page. This helps in reminding you of the items that you have placed so far in the bucket. Last but not the least, it also offers an easy transition to the actual checkout page with a simple click. Amazon is a good example of this feature.


Save for Later is another important feature that eCommerce sites such as Asos implement. You can also name this button as a “Save for Later” or a “Wish List” option. These buttons help users to plan their purchase around the sale days. Users can also use this feature to return an item. This feature is excellent for selling items through cross-platforms.

The button works amazingly well on mobile devices, where users are always searching for items in free time, only to save them in the wishlist and buy later on via a laptop. Asos is using this feature by offering an effective mobile commerce strategy. From the typography to mobile friendliness and a beautiful responsive layout, it is a must-visit site for all the eCommerce business owners in need of some inspiration.


Abandoning a checkout process due to lengthy forms is a problem faced by a lot of eCommerce sites. However, it does not need to be like this. Sites like Bellroy have worked out the issue really well by offering a one-step checkout process. This makes shopping smooth for all shoppers. Researches also indicate higher conversion rates for one-page e-commerce checkout pages in comparison to a two-page checkout.

One-page checkout asks for the most relevant information such as shipping address and payment details. The website designers design this page keeping shoppers intent in mind to root out the need of lengthy forms and multiple checkout pages. This also saves shoppers time.


eBags provides all the important information on a check out page in a neat and tidy manner. It also has a live chat option for customers to help them ask necessary questions in order to clear their minds before clicking on the “continue checkout” button. It also has a loyalty program integrated with its checkout page which gives points to customers on making an online purchase. The points earned can be redeemed in the future for making online payments.


Though guest checkout and a one-page checkout option work brilliantly well for many big names in the eCommerce industry, yet there are online stores which want to go with the traditional multi-page checkout procedure. In case you are one of those business owners, you can take inspiration from Nixon. It has a brilliant checkout page. Nixon gives complete information about the number of steps left in order to complete a purchasing process. It displays a progress bar at the top of a page to give complete information about the number of steps required in the process to the shoppers. It also displays links to all the other relevant pages such as product warranty page, returns policy and a privacy note for instilling customers trust.

Dune London

Knowing the price and what you are paying for is also another important indicator for an eCommerce checkout page. Dune London does just that. It offers brief information in form of product summary on a checkout page. This lets users know about the payment they are to make at the checkout page. It also eliminates the way for any hidden costs. Dune London is a good example of a clean and simple Checkout page in an eCommerce solution.

Simply Hike

Simply Hike is an eCommerce store that markets itself by keeping the customer needs in mind. By offering different shipping options such as “Standard”, “Express” and “Next Working Day” it gives a clear picture of what to charge from its customers.

In addition to the different shipping details, it also offers a variety of payment methods to make online payment process easy for all shoppers. This automatically increases conversions for many businesses as customers will not need to abandon the shopping cart due to lack of online payment options.


Recommending relevant products at the bottom of a checkout page is one of the smartest ways to keep users hooked to your online store. Many eCommerce sites are under using this practice. eCommerce stores such as Crocs which has implemented this feature have observed a significant boost in their conversions.


These are some of the checkout page ideas that big brands are executing to generate sales. You can always work a way out other than the above-mentioned examples. However, if you are stuck with the same sales conversion number and wondering where it is all going wrong, then start implementing the above-mentioned techniques which are tried and tested to achieve high-end sales target for your business.

Author Bio

Faiza Farooqi is an Ecommerce Manager at Codup who accepts challenging strategies and puts amazing ideas on the table! She is an active community manager and also blogs at Codup Readers.

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