I know question must be moving around your head why I love just Laravel and no other PHP structures like CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend, and Yii. Each one of them has their individual advantages and disadvantages yet Laravel is something that has astonished me for the greater part of the vertical solutions up until now.

Laravel App Development has amazing features, which is the reason associations are settling on its non-ceasing improvement. With Laravel, PHP framework is a simple to traverse and ground-breaking line interface, adaptable and is easy to use. Laravel withstanding plenty of modules expected to fill a specific need.

Why Laravel is the top PHP framework? To answer this question I have listed here the benefits of using Laravel PHP framework.

1) MVC Architecture support:

Laravel supports MVC architecture like Symphony. The Model-View-Controller architectural pattern helps for easier maintenance. It is much easier to change the template and the underlying code.

This architecture ensures clarity between logic and presentation. It enhances the performance and it allows for better documentation. Its built-in functionalities ease the development process.

2) Object-Oriented Libraries:

Laravel has Object Oriented libraries and numerous pre-introduced libraries. It is one of the pre-installed libraries. Despite the fact that you can implement it without much problem, it contains numerous features like checking dynamic clients, Bcrypt hashing, watchword reset, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) insurance, and encryption.

Laravel contains partner which have numerous advantages. Helpers give a brief and significant syntax which helps you to utilize different features of Laravel without using long class names. Laravel additionally have a helper function which encourages you to achieve numerous basic undertakings like generating views, firing events, dispatching jobs or sending HTTP responses to the server.

3) Migration:

Laravel database migration is flawless as there is no touch task and steps needed to sync the database. Migration is very comfortable in Laravel in case of modification even if the solution is tailored in another different platform.

4) Directory Structure:

 There is no need to do modification in Laravel when a platform is catering a directory structure. The changes to be made in default structure is also easy in Laravel. It also obeys PSR-4 auto loading standards.

5) Artisan Console:

Laravel built-in tool artisan console helps in creating own customized commands to create controller, seed database and run unit testing.

Artisan is basically the command line interface in the Laravel. Artisan helps developers to get rid of all the tedious programming tasks that they have to perform manually.

6) Creating authorization and authentication systems:

Web application owner needs to ensure that they have authentic users and not unauthorized users accessing the secured resources.

Laravel validation execution is exceptional. About everything is configured out-of-the-box. Laravel also gives a basic method for sorting out approval logic and also control access.

7) Handling exception and configuration error:

The way in which a software application handles errors affects user satisfaction. The absence of error handling can make users feel that the issue is in the app and may move away. Definitely you don’t want to lose your customers.

Laravel is configured with error and exception handling. It is also integrated with the Monolog logging library that offers support for various powerful log handlers.

8) Modular Packages:

Laravel has over 20 built in different libraries. These libraries are again split into various modules. The developers can easily develop responsive and modular user-friendly applications using these modern PHP principles.

9) Template Engine:

Laravel lightweight templates help the developers in making some amazing layouts which incorporate powerful content seeding. Laravel templates incorporate diverse widgets that have CSS and JS code.

The web templates of Laravel is utilized for a basic webpage design with discrete zones. The blade is an easy and powerful template engine provided with Laravel and is one of the prime features of Laravel. The blade is incited by template inheritance and sections.

10) URL Generations:

Laravel assist you in generating URLs for your application. These are useful in the process of building links in your templates, API responses and generating redirecting responses to other parts of your application.

Author Bio:
Bhargav Thakkar is an experienced director and co-founder of Magneto IT Solutions, a leading Laravel Development Companies in USA, India & Bharain.  He delivered enterprise applications and customize business solutions like CRM, ERP with technologies like PHP for 200+ brands from different industry verticals.