Saturation is badly hitting the app development market as the number of apps being launched every now and then has increased ten fold. So what if you have an app; is it noticed and loved by users? No, we are not talking here about marketing strategies for your app; this has more to do with making your app a design wonder to grab immediate attention. This is true for all apps; irrespective of their kind or domain.

So let us now get into the finer elements of how you can ensure that your app is designed creatively and beautifully keeping design elements and mobile engineering in sync.

1. Trigger your users

Remember that your app design has to motivate your target users more than you. This entitles that you understand what your users will like and then place triggers accordingly. You can take ideas from other successful apps in your domain; however, don’t copy them. So you can use best images, extraordinary typography and use the available space to perfection for enticing users with your design quality.

2. Design keeping ease in mind

Though it is a fact that almost every person these days uses smart phones and also visits different apps, it does not signify that every one is a master of using these devices. Hence, the key is to design keeping ease of use in mind.

3. Offline is important too

If you research thoroughly, apps that are loved by users for their usability even when using them offline have tasted huge success. So designing accordingly so as to ensure enhanced user experience even for the offline mode is important.

4. Simplicity is not always stupid

When you actually prepare a rough draft for your app design, it is vital that you show this to some family member of friend that does not belong to a technical background. If these non-technical people believe that your app is intuitive; you have hit your target. The key to this is keeping things simple so that every individual is able to connect with your design easily.

5. Keep demographics and development platform in mind

Remember that iOS and Android are different platforms that have a dedicated following based on demographics. Phones based on different operating systems are used differently. Hence, check where your user base is inclined in terms of OS and design accordingly. If your user base is spread across platforms, designing to ensure that functionality and attractiveness is not hampered on Android or iOS.

6. Utilize grids

Use of grids in app designs is beneficial as consistency is maintained for different pages of your app. These grids facilitate creation of visual connections and keeps your app design unified throughout.

7. Splash of color

Colors can make or break fortunes for your app. Choice of color is vital and needs to be given prominence. This will depend on the category to which your app belongs. For productivity based apps, using light colors work well as it becomes easy to read the long text for prolonged periods. Darker shades are more suitable for media-centric apps wherein images and videos are given prominence. So you need to decide on color schemes based on your app’s category.

8. Don’t forget to go responsive

Your app can be used on different screen resolutions such as mobiles, tablets, etc. This means that your app needs to flow correctly across different devices. This is where a responsive design comes into picture. A good mobile app development company can ensure that this aspect is considered while designing your app.

9. Don’t mimic other apps

This can happen with almost every one. The urge to follow some successful app in your category and domain is quite likely to stir your thoughts. However, this can backfire. People may realize this immediately as you will definitely try to mimic a successful app that users have used frequently. This may lead to creation of a bad image. So creating something unique is important and at the same time ensuring that it strikes the chord with users is vital.

10. How can you ignore your brand?

Now this does not need to be explained. Even though you are incorporating important points as mentioned above, your brand needs to be promoted elegantly via your app. However, care needs to be taken to ensure that you don’t hit your brand right in the face of your users. Smartly including your brand logo or name creatively in sync with your design is the key.

Some final thoughts to wrap up

Users are judgmental; there are no two ways about this. Moreover, they will judge your app based on its design and usability that is often decided within minutes of your users visiting your app. So whatever development stage you have reached, polishing your app’s design and finding more elements to increase its worth is necessary.

Are you still wondering how to incorporate all the above-mentioned pointers and need expert advice from some good mobile app development company? Well, you can connect with us and allow our experts to guide your process.