In today’s era, no one wants to spend money on new IT approaches. They feel a headache to adopt the new technology. The reason is that they are quite having less budget and doesn’t know the benefit of approaching the new strategies & technologies.

I am here to define how you can launch your eCommerce store with minimum cost as much as possible. Nowadays every product companies need to have their own e-commerce store at where the customer can purchase their product easily and can track their order. It’s an automated process and you just need to take care of the product delivery part.

With the help of an e-commerce store, you can generate more sales order. As we all know generating sales is the main goal to launch an e-commerce store. Without the sales, there is no business. And to grow business you need to launch an eCommerce website for your product.

In eCommerce System, you will have the front-end for the customer and backend for Admin. In the Backend, you can manage your product, categories, order management, invoice management, system configuration, manage the customer and their order and many things. And this all part are ready-made which you can refer to as an eCommerce System.

This is what the basic things that every product or business owner needs to know who want to launch the eCommerce store.

Let me define each point on how you can launch an eCommerce store in the cheapest possible ways.

1. Approach Shopify Platform:

Shopify is a complete e-commerce solution where the business owner has the ability to launch their e-commerce store. They have SAAS based program at where you need to pay on monthly basis to utilize their e-commerce solution. Their eCommerce solution is customer-centric and understands your business process to deliver the product to the customer with setting up the eCommerce website. There many points, Why Shopify is the best eCommerce Platform.

In Shopify, you don’t need to buy the hosting or server. You just need to pay on monthly basis and get it up running the e-commerce website. For the pricing section, you can check out this link.

2. Theme Selection Process:

In Shopify, there are many themes available at where you can apply the theme to your e-commerce store. The theme is basically one kind of setup of design at where it has a readymade site with proper design and color scheme added. Shopify has a lot of paid and free theme. You need to select the theme which matches with your own product.

While setting up the store, it has a default theme applied.  Shopify Theme will be available in different categories with Free and Paid.

3. Theme Customization & Additional Integration:

After selecting the theme, you need to customize the theme as per your needs. To customize the Shopify theme, you may need to hire Shopify developer from eCommerce development company. You can hire a Shopify developer on an hourly basis. Before searching the companies, it better you have documented the changes to be made to your e-commerce store.

Once your document of changes is ready then you can send to the Shopify development company to get it to review. Once the company reviews the changes, they will quote on the basis of hours. At ProtonBits, we have been working with many e-commerce websites with a similar scenario. If you guys need any customization to get it done then do contact us.

To get paid for your product order, you need to integrate your payment gateway. There is much multiple payment gateway that already available in the Shopify Platform. You can integrate payment gateway as like Paypal, Braintree, Stripe and many more. It’s totally transparent and easier to manage it out.

For the shipping process, Shopify has inbuilt functionality at where you can integrate your shipping provider into your eCommerce website. You can even don’t care about the shipping cost as it will be fetched from the shipping provider system and provided to the customer to get it paid. Even you can manage the configuration to provide free shipping if the order is more than X amount.

4. Adding Categories & Products:

Once the theme is customized as per your needs, you need to add the categories and subcategories. To get categories the product, we need to do that. Add your product and assign the categories and subcategories for the same. Add the stock for each of the product to maintain the inventory of the product. Discount coupon code functionality already available into this system.

After the product and categories are done, you are ready to get publish your website to the public level. You need to integrate the domain to your Shopify platform.


With the help of the Shopify platform, you can sell your product easily with no more $$$$$ upfront investment. Shopify is really helpful for the people who want to start their e-commerce store with a small investment. There are many e-commerce platforms as similar to the Shopify but apart from all of them, Shopify is the best and highly recommended platform used by our clients.

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