This is the online world, where you talk, watch movies, shop and sell online. But, since the competition is really tough one has got to play safe. There is no harm in understanding the market and then playing your cards. Having an eCommerce store is common, but having amazing sales is something you really want to make sure happens. And when you have competitors like Flipkart and Amazon then you need buckle up.

To fight back and remain the strongest contenders among these mammoths of the Ecommerce world then you must follow these 10 ways.

Mobile Friendly Website

Every person is mobile today; everyone prefers to communicate through their smartphones. Then why shouldn’t you do your business through mobile too. If your website is mobile friendly then people will be able to shop faster and easily. Having a mobile responsive website makes things and business easier for you. Many eCommerce development company recommend going with the first mobile-friendly website. 

Stats show that in 2017 1.66 billion people from across the globe shopped online and the global e-retail sales reached to 2.3 trillion U.S dollars

Enabling Live Chat

Well, people don’t like to wait. They prefer to get instant help or answers to their queries. In today’s world of technology if they have to wait they might choose some other company. So its always good to have Live Chat enabled. Infact, live chat is fun.

Through live chats you can address to customer queries immediately, you can work on the return and exchanges of products. You can also reply t o their queries related to delay in delivery or product availability. Sometimes live chat can turn into a converted purchase.

Stats have already proved that where in 2016 they recorded in a month were 2956 Live Chat whereas in 2017 it increased to 5268 Live Chat per month.

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So, just imagine how 2018 is going to be like. I personally use Live Chat and think it’s the most convenient way to get answers to my queries. I am impatient and cannot wait for a day or two for the reply. Hence, I think live chat is a boon to the eCommerce industry.

Creates Product Videos

Use as many videos you can. The new trend is that customers want to see everything in live motion that they are buying. eCommerce has seen growth in their sales after they incorporated videos for their products. This trend started years back but now the demand to see a product video is more.

In a survey it showed that when 67% people of the age group go to the website then 47% of them at least watch videos on that site. So the demand is increasing.

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You don’t need to spend lot money on this. You just need to create videos of the product and have them on the product page. It will increase customer satisfaction resulting in increase in sales.

Fast Hosting Websites

Even Google prefers a fast hosting website and helps in increasing the ranking too. If your website is slow customer will not wait. Remember if the load time of a site is more than 10 seconds the customer is gone. They don’t have all day long to wait for the page to load. Having an SSD hosting will ensure security and faster delivery, this is definitely expensive but the results are worth every penny.

And if you have a site that is busy I mean really busy then you must consider a dedicated server that gives you a lot of RAM and because only you are using the server, the load time is less comparatively.

Secured & Safe HTTPS Hosting

Your website needs to secure. If you are inviting customer to buy from your website then you need to give them the full security. You need to ensure them that all their data and transactions are safe on your website. Hence having an HTTPS security is the prime concern and requirement when you talk about website security. Besides security it also helps in boosting the traffic. Pages that are secure will always be crawled on Google.

If you don’t have an HTTPS hosting then you must switch to that immediately. You need to get an SSL certificate immediately to ensure the security of your website and customers information.

Use High Resolution Images

Most of the time ecommerce website tend to use the manufacturers images, but you should rather ask your designer to create new images with high resolution. Look at your competitors they are using the best images to catch the customers interest and attention. You can do the similar thing. Just take for instance, that you visit a website that does not have good images, you will the website immediately. Similar goes with your customers.

It’s all about customer experience. If you look at all social media platforms then they are all covered with images that say everything. So create the best to reflect your brand.

Interesting Product Description

You may be selling someone else product, but that does not mean copy paste their description. You need to be creative and make your own content. You can use the best ways to describe a product and grab your customer’s attention. Let’s say if you are writing about a mobile then highlight points that pick the customer interest first and create your content along those lines.

Show them the benefits and solutions to their problems through your description. Talk about those features first that customers will ask when they will enter a store. This will interest them to read all of it and leave a positive impact.

Increase Your Reviews & Ratings

Reviews are very important for any eCommerce website. Make sure that your customers leave a feedback on their experience and purchase. Show your review on the front and centre of the product page so a customer can read them and make a quicker buying decision. There are tools also available where you can show the reviews and ratings as per your settings.

Sometimes customer don’t have the time to write a review, then you can ask them to at least rate your service. This will not only help you improve but increase your positive customers too.

Now that you know how and what to do to increase the sales of your ecommerce website, its time that you start to work on all of them.

Closing Note

These are top 8 points that will help you in your ecommerce business. Following these will definitely help you increase your customers and your sales too. With tougher competition it is important to make tougher decision right now. Make all the necessary changes now to have a better and prospective future tomorrow.