Today IT industry is booming and people are looking to outsource their development recruitment to consultancies worldwide. To keep operational cost low companies are selecting India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines as their first choice of countries.  In this entire competitive marketplace companies are looking to find best consultancies who can give them proper resources on time with the highest level of accuracy. This competition has made things much more complex for companies to select proper outsourcing partners. At the same time, the biggest challenge is most of the time when companies do outsourcing they are not able to get the results or delivery as expected.

                                                               Outsourcing Partners

Now the question arises how you can increase your customer services and reduce your operational cost by selecting proper outsourcing partners?To do this first define your objective and end goal. A few basic steps for all your future IT outsourcing needs can help you to secure your lot of funds and at the same time have along-term mutually beneficial business association. Define a clear process for all you want to outsource i.e Product development, IT services, IT development or maintenance. Try to find a proper vendor who meets your needs and have the proper structure to execute things and then do negotiation so you can get a good deal.

Below is simple 8 step process which will surely help you to find best outsourcing partner and give you accurate results:

  1. What do you want to outsource?
  2. Why do you want to outsource?
  3. Where you want to outsource?
  4. Since how long your outsourcing partner is in the industry?
  5. Do they have capabilities or done similar work in past?
  6. Do they have easy access to their key resources whenever require?
  7. Do they have alocal representative who can meet you whenever require?
  8. Do they have flexibilities to match the time zone difference?

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