Every eCommerce site wants to increase its sales. To increase your eCommerce store sales, you need to know that how to market your store online. In the current scenario, the demand for an eCommerce store is increasing day by day.

Even if you have handsome traffic and not getting expected sales or revenue, then here are some coolest ways given to increase your sales traffic. By you trying these tactics, you definitely drive more sales.

1. Optimize for mobile:

 As per the current survey, half of the traffic is done by m-commerce. The demand for m-commerce also increasing day by day. So, according to that, we need to optimize the mobile view of the store.

You should design the store which is feasible for all type of mobile devices. For example, how you design to add to cart button which attracts customers more, what is the size of a button, what is a design of button, product image format, loading time of the image, all this thing matter to attract customers.

Your store is convenient in the ways like speed, Personalization, Entertainment, Saved preferences and settings, image quality, easy search, etc.

2. Make your Checkout process simpler:

 Sometimes it happens that, when the user finds some difficulties in checkout page may be they leave your site without making a purchase. So, it is most important to make the checkout process easier. If there is a minimum step or process of check out process then it becomes fast and the customer will like it.

Another way that you make the checkout process easier is reducing a number of fields which not much important. You can put the necessary field mark so the user needs to put only important fields.

You need to make this process in such a way that user get an overall idea of the checkout process. Make sure your checkout process is short with trustable payment options.

3. Show icons that show your site is trustworthy:

If anybody wants to buy something from any site, first they show your trust icons. So, you have to add some trust symbols which makes users trust on your site or product. In today’s competition, there are lots of fraud sites available. So, if you have proper trust icons, there are chances that user will convert in customer.

You also have to put that icon in such a way that user feel your site trustworthy. To protect yourself from legal troubles, you have to put proper trust icons. Trust is one of the main factors which affect a customer’s purchase decision.

Trust symbol related to the quality of a product, trust icons related to payment methods, site authority icon, etc is trust symbols that should be added to your site to earn the trust of your customer.

4. Improve your email campaigns:

When you have the email address of users, then you need to send regular newsletters for marketing of your store. There are many festivals or occasions where you can send a newsletter to attract the user for making a purchase.

You have to send emails related to the greeting of a festival, provide a promo code for gift cards, provide vouchers, welcome email when a user makes a purchase. You can share the product reviews, tips related to any product, newly launched product or best seller product.

You can share content to help a customer to get the most out of their recently purchased items. You can share infographics to attract customer for making a purchase. Through email marketing, you can convert your existing user into a customer. You can send emails for wishlist reminder and related products that customer liked.

5. Use Facebook Exchange retargeting:

 Facebook advertising is a most effective way to attract new customers. Facebook or social media is a platform where you found your most audience. For eCommerce sites specifically, Facebook Exchange is effective in reducing shopping cart abandonment of e-commerce store.

Through facebook pixel, you can keep a record of traffic. You can run ads on your facebook for a particular product for a particular target audience. Through Facebook, you can get more traffic.

So, this way you can use paid traffic from Facebook to boost your sales. In Facebook, you can target a particular audience for the particular product.

6. Showcase Your Top Selling Items:

 When a user comes on your site, he/she should not lose on site. To prevent it, you can show them you’re best selling products to feel them that they are in the right place.

Best selling product should appear on the home page. You can earn the trust of the user by showing your top selling product. When you show top selling product then the customer will know about the demand for the particular product.

When a new user comes to the site, he/she will not aware of your navigation and product categories at that time this product helps them. A user will get an overall idea about your store by watching top selling products.

7.  Do Upsell and Cross-Sell: 

 Upselling means you try to convince to buy more from your site. Upselling and cross-selling is the best way to attract customer for buying some extra product.

For example, the customer wants to buy one makeup box then you show them to buy eyeliner at a low price. So, this way you can attract the customer. By providing them offers and rewards.

Rewarding is also the best way to attract customer to buy again. When you send rewarding emails to the customer, they are likely attracted by it. You can also create a sense of urgency for some products to attract customers.


There are maybe other ways to increase sales for an eCommerce store. Seven tips are given here to increase sales. You can more analyze your site through google analytics. You can define a strategy for promoting a particular product.

One additional tip is you can spend more time on google analytics or another analytics tool to more understand your customer. According to this analysis, you can define a strategy for increasing sales. You can also focus on increasing conversion rate rather than increasing traffic. I hope my article will help you to explore increasing sales in an eCommerce site. Let me know if you any doubt, I happy to reply you…!

Author Bio:

Hiral Ghelani, Guest Writer, Assistant Digital Marketing executive at Emipro. Hiral is working in digital marketing and content writing. She writes on topics like startups, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, digital marketing. She helps businesses to grow digitally with a new horizon. In free time she likes to explore new places and talk with different people.