Protonbits loves to develop a lot of stuff using WordPress over Web. We know all WordPress is easier to manage your website and development. Its architecture of development is so much helpful for the web developer to build a lot of stuff. We truly believe that WordPress is being one of the most Content Management System.

There is one updates on WordPress. WordPress 3.8 Parker is new update release on December 12, 2013. There are a lot of things that WordPress has upgraded as per the user needs and easier to manage the website.

Let discuss one by one. Not much big deal:

Streamline Experience:

Wordpress has added this functionality to have great user experience over the website development. It must be similar to the Facebook at where you sidebar menu get fixed and body portion is moving just like a Vertical steaming. Through this you can have better idea about the menu and easy to manage your all feature over the website.

Customize WordPress Admin Color Scheme:

There was a feature like you can change the color of theme or changing background color of website theme. In the similar way you can easily change your dashboard theme with different color scheme that WordPress has introduced. These features has attracted to use WordPress and enhancing better experience.

Experience Responsive Design:

When there were updates on Joomla 3.0, Joomla has introduced responsive design concept to easier manage your website over all universal devices. So while for this time, WordPress has introduced same concept as Joomla has introduced early before. Responsive Design concept is working great in WordPress Platform. You can manage your WordPress platform from iPhone, iPad or Tablet. It will give you a better user experience.

New Twenty Fourteen Theme:

Wordpress has added New Twenty Fourteen Theme to manage your website blog post from any other devices as gaining experience in Responsive Design. This theme has magazine type of blog post that is being shared on the blog. Most of the blogger has already activated this theme. Many wordpress development companies refer to this theme to get to build the website.