In 2017, approximately 1.66 billion folks around the world purchased goods online. In the same year, retail sales summed up to 2.3 trillion dollars. Statista reports that these numbers are expected to swell to 4.48 trillion dollars by the year 2021. This sets a fertile foundation for online stores to cater to the needs of a vast audience.

As bright and big as these numbers are, they are equally frightening. The higher the demand for online shopping, the higher the number of e-stores that raise their hands to fulfill these demands. This translates into some serious competition for your Shopify store.

Under such circumstances, there’s no denying that you need to take advantage of e-commerce marketing to cut through the clutter of online shops. The aim of the strategy is pretty simple. You attempt to boost traffic to your shop, convert some of that traffic to customers, and finally retain the customers in the post-shopping phase. All this equates to increased sales.

Here are some simple ideas that you can employ for rocketing your sales:

  1. Use online reviews

As the owner of a Shopify store, you should know that 90% of the customers read online reviews. On top of this, you should also know that customer reviews have the power to influence 67.7% of the purchasing decisions. This means that you have a golden opportunity to spiral your sales by simply employing customer reviews.

To this end, encourage your loyal customers to leave a review of your products online. The reviews will serve as magnets that attract more people and sales. Yotpo is a useful app to increase eCommerce sales of your stores. It encourages people to review your products after they have made a purchase.

  1. Send free samples to Instagram influencers

A study by Linqia reveals that 39% of the marketers agreed to dedicate more from their budget to influencer marketing in 2018. In simple words, influencer marketing has the potential to drive significant traffic to your store.

Concentrate on nurturing relationships with influencers. Once you have struck an agreement with some influencers that have a follower base of people that are your target audience, send them your product samples.

Remember, the key term here is to send free samples to ‘Instagram’ influencers. This is because a recent study confirms that Instagram offers 35% more engagement to brands than other social networks. Analysis underlies that this assists in generating higher average order value.

  1. Drive in paid traffic

Paid traffic is often misunderstood as having little return on investment. However, when done right, paid traffic can enhance your sales significantly. An excellent approach to succeed with paid traffic is to spend small amounts and test the waters first.

It takes a while to learn with a few attempts at trial and error. It is only after you run a couple of paid campaigns for your Shopify store that you can point a finger at what’s the right move. Once you do, you can spend more sums on it. Knowing your audience well is another essential tip to make drastic progress with paid traffic.

  1. Chalk out a loyalty program for your customers

Implementing a loyalty program is another idea to draw in more sales for your Shopify store. Statistics back this tip as well. Research highlights that 84% of the consumers concede that they tend to visit a retailer’s website with a loyalty program.

More importantly, loyalty programs shoot a brand’s market share by 20%. You can use as an app for Shopify stores that offers a loyalty program for stores. It issues reward points to customers for sharing your products on social media, following the store, and so on. In doing so, you will be able to up your sales by retaining customers and repeat purchases.

  1. Try personalized promotional offers

Statista outlines that 36% of the shoppers don’t complete their purchase because they find a better price at some other place. In this regard, the immediate step to take entails tracking abandoned carts and learning what buyers wanted to buy. In the next step, connect with the shopper with a special offer.

This plan aligns with setting up personalized promotional offers. Accenture’s survey reveals that 59% of the customers vouch for personalized promotional offers. Use a plugin such as Smart Exit Offers by Optprice for your store to sketch an offer before the customer leaves your page.

  1. Optimize your store for mobile users

Another crucial way to multiply your Shopify store’s sales is by optimizing your page for mobile users as well. 50.3% of the e-commerce traffic is generated via mobile phone users. A rising number of people are using mobile phones over desktops to reach your store.

To serve such an increasing mobile user base, your store should be mobile optimized. Set up a responsive theme for your store to ensure that your store works well on mobile. If people are unable to browse efficiently through your store, you will miss lots of potential sales.

As an example, check out Frank Body’s website, which is designed to meet the needs of both mobile and desktop users. It is scroll-friendly, light on texts, and buyers can add items to their cart directly from the home page.

  1. Upsell your products

Upselling your product means upgrading it with a slightly variant but better version. It’s akin to what McDonald’s does when you place an order. The cashier asks you if you’d like to upsize your order. Most of us immediately think about our hunger and budget and either go for it or not. However, what we may not notice in the first time around is that it is a tactic to increase their sales.

For most Shopify stores, upselling products is a better means of increasing sales than by acquiring a new customer. There are two main pointers to keep in mind though. Firstly, make upsells related to the original product only. Secondly, be mindful of the customers’ anticipated expense range.

  1. Improve your email marketing campaign

Email marketing is nowhere near its grave. If anything, it is blooming with 80% of the marketers swearing by email marketing as an excellent tool for customer retention. In fact, 30% of the retail email list subscribers purchase from the subscribed stores.

Work on increasing your subscribers. Be careful of the timings when you send out emails because too many emails can repel your customer. There are various occasions to email your customers. For instance, send out a welcome email when a customer purchases something from your store. Besides, send out regular newsletters to alert subscribers of new promo codes, discount offers, and so on.

  1. Post valuable content

Last but not the least, you can mushroom your sales by posting engaging content. A well-thought-out blogging strategy can assist in nurturing customer relationships. It can also generate more traffic and give you an excellent means to promote new products.

It’s best not to sound overly salesy in your blog posts as that wouldn’t do you any good. Use a WordPress crm to understand your customer’s better and curate content accordingly. You can learn more from the example of Au Lit Fine Linens, a bed linen shop that runs a blog, which covers the a-z of peaceful sleeping.

Bottom line

Briefly, there are multiple ideas that you can utilize to snowball the sales of your Shopify store. As a quick recap, prepare great content, optimize your store for mobile users, improvise your email marketing campaign, upsell your products, and so on.

About the Author:

Alma Causey is a Freelance writer by day and sports fan by night. She writes about tech education and health related issues. Live simply, give generously, watch football and a technology lover. She is currently associated with Salesmate Team.