Now, this is something new.

Instant apps are thingswhich are really capable enough of solving some real-life hassles.

Yes, absolutely, from the beginning of the mobile era people are facing several issues regarding their phone storages and RAM related issues. And if you are also one of them, then this new thing is definitely for you.

Yes, instant apps are something that you don’t require installing before getting a taste of the actual thing.

Instant apps are a new inclusion to the world. And the company that has popped up with the idea of it. Who else, Google it is?

Instant apps are such kind of applications that let users access a cloud-based version of the same on your Android phone. And the best part is you don’t even require installing it from the PlayStore to know how it feels to use it.

More About Instant Apps

Instant apps were brought into light by Google back in the year 2016.

And they stand in between the native apps and the web apps.

Yes, like I told you earlier, that you will be able to avail a demo version of the application that is cloud-based, in a similar manner how you access webpages. This is a feature that you get in the progressive web apps.

And once you decide of using the full version, you can simply just install it from the provided apk link. And this is where it is similar to the native apps that we have been using in our smartphones since ever.

And the other thing can make you a fan of instant apps is that they can be shared from one device to another which reduces the hassles regarding apps that people have been facing. This is an advantage that makes you bound to love this tech.

So, if you have already become a fan of these instant apps, you might be wondering how to use them.

Let me tell you.

Enabling Instant Applications

If you go through PlayStore, you’ll find that there are a good number of instant applications already. And like I told already, all you need to is just click on them.

You can just find the instant apps just through the conventional search option.

And if you have the link to the app, you don’t even require visiting the PlayStore. Just a click on the link and BOOM! You’re done.

Now, using instant applications is more like a setup and use type procedure.

But before that, you need to figure out if it is enabled in your device.

So, to check whether it is enabled or not, you need to

  1. Visit the settings menu of your Android smartphone
  2. Go down in the Google portion of the menu in the category: Personal
  3. Now enter the category: Services, tap on “Instant Apps”
  4. Turn it on
  5. Then in the instructions page, select “yes, I’m in”.

And you are all set.

But, do go through the instructions page thoroughly before quitting.

Using Instant Applications

Like I mentioned already, using instant applications on your android phone means no hassles.

What you have to is,

  1. Execute a Google search about the applications supporting instant feature, just from your Android phone.
  2. Now, as the Search Engine Result Page opens, just tap on the application that is capable of supporting the “instant” feature.
  3. Then, tap on “Open”.

Now as the instant application opens, you find it no different from any other application, any app that you had downloaded previously from Google’s Play Store.

Now, if I take the instance of Wish, it even allows the users to perform all the basic features of an eCommerce native application like browsing through products.

Oh, I just forgot, you can even order from the Instant Application. And the best part, till now the app didn’t even require any installations.

And the fun part is now. The procedure for installing the application is also nothing but a cake walks.

All you need to do is pull the notification window below. There you’ll find a couple of options there which say “Go to Web” and “App Info”.

Now, you need to select “App Info”. And a new window opens where you can find the option to install it. Beside the Install option, you’ll also find another option for clearing the residual application data.

You can also grant permissions to the app, check the supported links and also go through the privacy policy from the very same window.

So, as now you select the option for installing the application, you’ll allow the app owner to get their application installed in your smartphone. And guess what the application will look the same as it used to look in the web version of the application.

Though if you tap on the three vertically aligned dots which you will find in the corner of the present screen, another small pop up window will open up where you’ll find a total of three options. Among them, two options let you view the application on Google Play, check the licenses that are open source. There is also another for the Help & feedback section as well.


The whole process of setting up, installing and using an instant application is much of a cakewalk that makes you face no hassles.

You can just use it to an extent, seamlessly, from Google Chrome or if you wish to, you can just tap on the install button and BOOM! There you are!

Though being so easy to use and install, you won’t find a good number of instant apps out there.

Yes, to get the instant version of your favorite apps, you need to wait a bit longer.

Well, you can already guess that instant apps are going to be much in demand in the near future and the reasons are I guess pretty clear to you now. They are capable enough of grabbing the market but this also increases the pressure on the developers, missing this opportunity might cost a bit higher.

So, what’s your take? Do let us know in the comments.

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