Over the last few years, the immense growth in the instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Line, Wechat, Skype, and BBM has been observed. Among all the IM apps, the WhatsApp has scored maximum user base and popularity in the shorter span of 8 years.

According to Statista research, “The most popular mobile messaging apps worldwide based on the number of monthly active users is none other than WhatsApp with over 1 billion users.”


The brilliant features of the WhatsApp making it a top choice of the people and pushing the mobile app industry to engineer an app similar to the WhatsApp that allows the users to share text, images, audio, video, location, voice call, video call and pretty more.

Certainly, when you are thinking of creating such apps, you want to know how much it costs to build the messaging apps that have all the features of WhatsApp. You are at the right place, ProtonBits would help you easily navigate what you will need to be prepared for.

Before diving into the rabbit hole, let’s take a trip to the features that you may want to include in the messaging chat app similar to the WhatApp:

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  • Signup or login with mobile number verification
  • Auto sync the contacts from device
  • Media sharing (Emoticons, text, video, audio, voice recording, contact, location)
  • Data backup offline and on the cloud
  • Media delivery and reading confirmations
  • Video or group audio calls
  • Three privacy options- Last seen, Profile photo, Blocked list
  • Set wallpaper, clear conversation and create contact shortcut
  • Notification settings- conversation tone, notification tone, notification light, or vibrate
  • Desktop compatible app
  • End to end conversation encryption
  • Mute the chat groups
  • Video trimming for faster delivery
  • Message delivery in real time due to XMPP server connectivity

It’s overwhelming! To include the impressive functionalities in the new app, the complete WhatsApp business model and architecture need to be understood.

Well, the comprehensive app can be built quickly with the use of native technologies that supports a number of functions implementation in low resource consumption.

Now, it’s the turn of the cost charged to build the WhatsApp clone. Let’s dive in…

The biggest expenditure is incurred not in the app development, but in the server infrastructure as the app is aiming to connect the wider audience. Also, the cost largely depend on whether you want to include just basic features or all the features, and on which platforms you want to build the application.

For the WhatsApp clone engineering with fundamental features would cost around $50,000 at the rate of $20 per hour and which can be built in 1000 hours including development and design.

When you want to have all the functionalities that WhatsApp 2017 version has, then it may costs up to $150,000, which will take on an average 6 months to build.

When you want to jump on various platforms, then costs would vary for every platform like-

For Android platform – USD 8500

For IOS platform –  USD 9250

For Windows platform –    USD 11500

How about monetization?

It’s true more and more entrepreneurs willing to develop the chat apps like WhatsApp after spending huge dollars to gain the revenue. This is viable just when the app is having an optimum number of active users, good retention rate, and higher audience engagement.

Once this point is reached, you can tame the ROI beast with paid subscriptions, in-app purchases, third party service integrations, and business services. Make your app go viral to gain a competitive edge and the profound profits.

The last word…

Congratulations! Finally, you had a clear view of how much it costs to build the whtasapp clone and how can you tap its potential to increase the bottom line. What’s next? It’s time to get teamed up with the best app development company that can help you in shaping the app idea and engineer the chat app that’s the exact reflection of what you have in mind.