A mobile app, just like a website, is an extension of your brand. But what a lot of brand and marketing managers don’t realize is that their mobile channels have a great influence on their brand’s reputation and how it is perceived in general. Customers expect the brands to meet and satisfy their user experience and stay pretty much the same across all its channels.

Even the brands would want to do the same. After all, they have put in too much of their time, energy and resources into creating those channels. They wouldn’t want one of their channels to cause any kind of inconvenience or damage to the brand.

Investing in mobile brand reputation management is extremely crucial now that mobile apps are trending and all the rage. Most customers form a perception of a brand on certain parameters. It is important to realize what those parameters are and try to perfect them. These parameters can be improved and used to boost the brand image in the eyes of the customer. Here are a few tips on how you can do that.

1. A Mobile App is More Than Just an Add-on

Mobile apps act as an add-on to your brand. This is why they are left out of the marketing brand strategy discussion, which should not be done. Many mobile marketers have no particular mobile marketing strategy or have not implemented on a plan they had thought of. If you are not using mobile in order to manage your brand’s reputation, then you are doing something wrong.

Both, the app and the content presented on it affect the impact on your brand if it is not monitored properly. A lot of times, consumers use the app store as a place to be vocal about their view of the brand and the content. Most of these reviews will be negative. More customers tend to write reviews on the app store when they have a negative experience. This feedback is something you should definitely capitalize on.

2. Find Ways of Listening to Your Customers

You need not wait until after the launch to start listening to the customers. Listening to your customers will only allow you to avoid potentially disastrous situations. This will allow you to improve your app and protect your brand’s reputation.

Always ask your customers for feedback. When the customers are directly asked to provide feedback, most of them answer it. But when you don’t allow your customers to do that they are only left with two choices i.e. to stay silent or give out a public review. Both of these things can be damaging to the company’s reputation.

3. Encourage Reviews and Feedback

You can’t stop your customers from giving ratings, reviews, or feedback. But you can definitely control how many negative reviews are visible to the public. For this, you must segment your reviews. This way negative reviews can be captured and the positive feedback can be left out in the app store.

You need to start by understanding your goals. It could either be boosting your ratings or reviews or hearing from your unhappy customers or want to know what keeps them coming back. You can then define your audience according to different segments like on what device they use the app, how active they are, or which version do they use.

What Should You Do After Receiving the Feedback?

Customer feedback is crucial and if you are not hearing them out, there is no way you are meeting their expectations. So in order to meet your customer’s expectations, it is important to listen to their feedback and what they have to say about your brand.

Now taking a step forward, slowly implement this feedback and its improvement in your way of working. Most people who know their feedback has been implemented are said to come back to the brand in the future and become loyal patrons of the brand. Of course, you also need to identify which feedback is important and needs to be worked on first.

Asking for feedback is good, but doing it at the right time helps you strike a chord. This depends on the type of brand you are, the kind of product or services you offer etc. Ask for feedback depending on the purpose your brand and app serves. For different companies, the timing will differ.

Wrap up

Mobile apps are probably the best way to figure out a lot about how the customers are feeling about your brand. They are also a great way to guard the content on the app store. You can always think to hire mobile app development company. All you need to remember is that an app is an extension of your brand and is as important as any other branding channel for your brand. The way you present and use your app will have an effect on your brand as a whole.

Author Bio:

Dhruv Pandya is a Tech Writer and Social Media Marketer at Nimblechapps, a top mobile app development company based out of India. He writes about new technology, tips relating to new trends, and mobile apps. He likes providing new ideas in order to give out updates about all the latest tech.