As the latest version of Android, the Lollipop 5 got rolled out more than 3 months ago, it hardly seems to have given the anticipates response. It may have given your Nexus a few more months, yet the latest percentage of devices using it are 1.6%.

According to a pie chart released by Google, the distribution for Lollipop 5 is only higher than that of Froyo whose distribution was 0.4%. Based on these data, Jelly Bean has 44.5% usage and KitKat has 39.7% distribution.


Many Android Application Development Company has come up with a list of problems that the Lollipop 5 has fixed which include – improved system stability, fixing the problem of sudden app crashing, better battery management, enhanced RAM management and upgrading of system stability.

With many notable glitches fixed, the most important one being the availability of the silent mode which the previous version lacked, we hope that the Lollipop 5 gets the desired traction.