Magento Go is software cum service that helps develop your software in Magento platform. It is a front runner for all e-commerce solution and is very much desirable for online stores or often known as e-store. After all it is all about small business making good money build there websites and e-stores in the desired budget. Big running entities can spend money but Magento Go can be a boon for small and start up businesses. They can make more money by creating there online store without waiting for development of there e-store. Magento Go is all about going global at very short instance. Quick, easy and very reliable service that doesn’t not require much of technical knowledge. Users just have to create an account and follow simple steps and you have your own online store up and running.


With Magento go, user can have their own catalog on the store and also the style, theme is just the way they choose it to be. It starts with designing your own logo. Choose logo from the existing themes or one can also customize their own logo. With multiple language support and easy payment gateway it is very desirable. They best part about Magento go is that user doing have to pay any transaction fees. The pricing for having magento starts with a minimal package of $15/month and goes as high as $125/month. The packages are completely reliant on how the users want it to be, depending on the database, bandwidth, domain and other key factors. The registration process is very simple and within in couple of days, your store is up and running.

The Basic Benefits of Magento Go includes:-

  • Start my store on top of the admin page helps you navigate on how to design, product description, payment methods and other basic needs.
  • Start my store is quite easy and very user-friendly for non-technical merchants.
  • The layout is much talked about. It offers a very clean and open layout.
  • With quality layout, user gets a quick look about the services on the default page itself. They don’t have to navigate on different pages.
  • The reporting options are also very well appreciated. Services like sales report, shopping cart, customer details, and products details are done with ease.
  • With help of such tools, merchants can get proper insight on the carts that didn’t go through payment, invoice that the user didn’t pay for, the products they choose giving a better insight on how to make proper decision and how to improve their services.
  • Magento go is also helpful to improve your knowledge base. With the help of relevant articles and other hands on description as well as articles help you have to finish the job you have started.
  • The resources mentioned above helps the merchants to manage their store effectively, also enhance their services, theme change, layout change and many others.
  • Keyword search option is also available for relevant keyword building.
  • The prices are very affordable with over 100 products supported by the minimal charge of $15/ month. Free of cost when it comes to transaction and setup.
  • Last but not the least, the sorting offered by Magento go is very important.
  • With the rise in products and business, merchants can lose the track of their product. That is when magento go’s sorting feature is helpful.
  • With in detail sorting, as well as filtering along with searching abilities the management of the products and there stocks is very easy. Also, with reminders one merchant get notification about the refill of stocks.

Above we saw some of the great benefits offered by Magento Go. Many Magento development companies would like to stay with Magento Community Version as its open source and we can do as many as changes.. Hopefully, we have covered all the points and now you might have a good insight on Magento Go. We are always open for suggestion, so if we missed any point above, please feel free to add a comment. More knowledge sharing is always handy. Cheers!