Most of the people are planning their retirements on the last day of office or just before a week. But in fact the actual situation should be different, you should start for this from the day you join the company. As a leader to balance your professional and personal life, you should be always prepared with the proper retirement plan. If you are constantly involved in finding the person who can replace you and work can be taken care if you are not around, it will give you confidence that there is someone who is there in your absence. Even at the time you have some major emergency, you can go on leave and that person can take care of things.

This is on critical point on which most of us are not focusing. Due to this lack of focus, at times when we are taking leave to spend some quality time with family, we are still having thoughts of our professional work. This creates the imbalance between professional and personal life.

At the same time, many people find it hard to handle the retirement. Working becomes their habit which they can’t leave. Due to this sudden point in life, they become lost and don’t know what is going on with them. This happens most of the times with government employees as they are working for thirty to forty years continuously and all of sudden they are coming to retirement. Also at times, people need to extend their retirements as they were not able to create leaders under them who can take care of their work, this again creates imbalance between your professional and personal life.

To overcome this entire situation, just start following simple things:

1. Think of end

It will sound shocking but each day when you go to your workplace, think about death. It is bit horrible but its universal truth. Nothing will last forever. When you are thinking this ask questions to yourself:

  • What will happen if you are not around?
  • Who will take care of the work?
  • Who is the best person to trust on?
  • Who has capabilities to take control
  • Will the work still go on?
  • Who is the best person to replace me?

2.Pass the knowledge

Once you will start asking the question to yourself, you will also start for find answers to each of your questions which will help you to find people on whom you can put your efforts and create them as leaders when you are not around. This is the step where you as a leader need to start training them, pass your knowledge, pass your experience.  Try to train them with what you have learned till now so they will be in commanding position and can manage everything easily.

Never think that if you will train these guys and they might join other companies so what the meaning to train them. See there could be possibilities that you are not training them and still they are in your organization only. Then what will be the meaning of keeping them????

3. Celebrate your retirement

Retirement is the best day to celebrate as you have done a lot of hard work and after that, you are leaving your legacy which people will talk and follow. At the same moment, you are also left with a lot of energy to do many new things, spend time with family and friends, share the experience with people whenever they need. So just enjoy the time and go ahead with life.

“Stay young at heart, kind in spirit, and enjoy retirement living.” 

Danielle Duckery