During this year’s Google IO, Google duplex was one of the most compelling things explained by the Google. Basically, it is an artificial intelligence agent which is specially made for making calls. Yes! You heard it right! It is made specially to make actual conversions with real life people.

What is Google Duplex?

Google duplex would facilitate you with many type of call transactions which does not include any human calls. Google’s so closed “closed domain” services will be performed by the Google Duplex.. So, you can say that you might ask it to book a table at restaurants. Initially, it will perform major three type of tasks: making restaurant reservations, scheduling hair appointments and finding out the businesses’ holiday opening hours for you.

Why the Most Realistic?

According to its calculations this can be the most efficient way to collect the information which is not available on the Google search. Whenever, there are variables and interruptions, it can be the most realistic option to answer your call from the terminator. Checkout the video as demo of Google Duplex

How does it work?

It is that simple! You can have the information which is probably not available on the internet. It is one type of pull between Google assistant and business. Why? Because it enables the assistant to get the information which is not available globally. For instance, you might want to know about any business’s opening hours or, to book an appointment at the hair salon. Now you can not get that information from the google. That’s where the Duplex works, It will call them and ask for the certain type of information. Many mobile app development company looking into API integration with the app to build functional more features.

Google duplex is based on a neural network(RNN) built using TensorFlow Extended(TFX).  

What is RNN?

RNN is a network with loops, allowing information to flow. It is helpful when you have a certain type of issues in live events. Such as if you want to classify that what kind of event is happening at every point in a movie. RNNs are like one powerful duplex. They can process sequential, contextual and certain type of information which makes them well suited to machine learning, language modeling and speed recognition.

Therefore, whenever such type of requests will asked to Google assistant, which includes the abilities of Google Duplex, it will pass on the information to it. If it is under the abilities of Google assistant, it will solve the query, or it will either tell the Assistant that it can’t do it or refer the job to a human operator.

So, Get ready to try out this new artificial intelligence! It is sure to give you new type of experience every time you use its services.