In Protonbits there are a lot of requirement for mobile and web development. People use to get services for their Enterprise Solution.  Solution is defining a way to settle and upgrade the business development. So we are mostly focus on delivering a enhanced quality of solution that is very needful for the people.

How Project is carried out?

Client is looking for services that can full fill their needs for their business solution. There are some important roles who meet up the client query, which are Business Analyst, Project Manager, Designer, Developer and Tester.

Project Management

This requirement is mostly carried out by the business analyst in the first step. They focus on niche market.  These requirement are deeply aim on the benefit of the solution and there factors.

After going through this analysis they focus on the technologies to develop an application. Technologies include a programming language. May be it would be a Mobile or Web depends on the query generated by the client. After analyzing the technology the query is carried out by project head or may you call as Project Manager.

Project Manager and Business analyst discuss on the project for estimate, time, and development of wire-frame.

These all goes to the client for making approval. If the client is satisfied with estimate then company sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. These agreements include some policy on behalf of the client and company to make sure that the project would be private confidential. All data and information that are shared would not share over public. These would let client a trust for services.

Once Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed, project manager start the process of wire-frame  In First step, application is design by designer. Designer creates a better user interface design to meet a better usability.  After completion of design, it passes to the client for approval through project manager.

After getting approval of design its pass over developer. Developer makes a sense of instruction to develop an application or web. These so far are done by coding. The role of developer is important. As Developer accomplishes client needs, then it is passing over for an approval and so on making changes. In this approval, client would get a better visibility of their solution so far.

Now it’s time for testing an application. Application is develop but they have some bug or error. For these purpose, Tester use to test an application on different ways so far to avoid the bug. It would be like an over use of memory, or lack of flexibility on use of application. A Report is generated by Tester and passes over developer so far to resolve a bug.  On Completion Process of Tester [application with no bug/error], all report and files are handle over project manager to make a document and set of instruction to use an application. This process is very successful for delivering a superior business solution.

These all process is done in our Application Development. We have an advance project management system to carry this flow.  Important thing is to have a better communication with the client to make sure that they are getting a better work for them.

We sound great in Mobile App & Web Development. We always try to make a small to big feature to explore new ideas.