Today Vine hit 1# Free App on Apple App Store in US, Sweden & Canada In the time of 6 month after being acquired by Twitter.

On Last October, Twitter has acquired the Vine app. This app has launched on late January. Vine is one of app to tap the screen to record the video for 6 second. Changing those video together allows you to create a short sound optional movies that can be shared over twitter & facebook. It’s similar like Viddy or Snapchat.

On last month Twitter has develop the embedded code system to share over blog or anywhere else as like youtube.

Co-Founder And Creative Director of Vine, Rus Yosupov has sent a tweet to make an announcement and was better-off about the news.

Checkout these snapshot from Apple App Store ->

A Snapshot from Apple App Store- 1# Vine

Twitter says that Vine would be available for only IOS but soon coming to other platforms. On February as per Vine Job posting, it indicates that they are looking forward to create an Android App soon.

Twitter is happier to have a vulnerable video sharing app. In recent times, the services begin trending over hashtag, to explore the content in greater existence.

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Cheer for Vine Team! Best Wishes from Protonbits Inc.