Magento is very much recommended for business entities who want to develop their online eCommerce store. There are many reasons behind it. It is a very essential tool when it comes to designing complex eCommerce websites. The use of Magento as a tool for developing such websites has grown with leap and bounds in recent years.



Let’s take a look at the technical aspects:-

  • Survey’s state, Magento is the most preferred platform in Alexa’s 1 million websites development platform. 
  • Build in Zend framework, the best feature is the speed.
  • One can make their own new website from scratch or can migrate from their existing website to the new platform i.e Magento.
  • Merchants all over the globe prefer Magento because, of the speed, layout, flexibility, features also user-friendliness.
  • The ROI for merchants is very high compared to other eCommerce Development, so the deployment cost is decreased and the performance of website is sky rocketed.

Now, let’s take at look at why Magento is highly recommended for eCommerce Development:-
Magento has become an obvious choice when it comes to ecommerce development. All the business today have their own eCommerce store in order to increase customer base as well as reach more targeted audience worldwide. Even the developers suggest you to develop your eCommerce Store on Magento platform. The reason being, Magento gives a huge potential to developers to improve the whole scenario to manage your clientele and give a very easy buying experience to the customers. Also, Magento comes with two features. One being the standard for beginners and the other being the advanced feature for professionals. An open source platform, accessed by anyone.

Best in class customization:

The owner can give a rough idea about their requirement to the Magento eCommerce Development Company about their desired look and feel of the website. The themes can design accordingly and the templates are made suitable to the whole aspect of business, giving it a very lively look.

One Platform – Multiple Stores:


The best feature about Magento is that, it allows owner to manage multiple number of stores with just one administration tool. The ip addresses, domain names and other security aspects can be different for each stores but the hub can be one platform. So, owners save lot of money one developing.

SEO Made Easy:

The tools for SEO comes in build with Magento. It gives a general idea to the user about the high selling products in market and general idea about the choice of products. The visitors can select their relevant category and shop according to it, so with there inbuilt SEO tools, keeps the owner tension free that there online store will always have more visitor and more online traffic, eventually increasing the sale.

Easy customer experience:

The theme, the features offered by Magento is very eye pleasing. The overall shopping experience for users would be very easy and hassle free. Such features hasp users to visit again for their other purchase.

Multiple payment gateways:


The payment gateways are what make Magento very preferable. Magento comes inbuilt with payment gateways like PayPal, Amazon and many others. So, the user can buy with any preferred payment gateway.


Last, but not the least the extension offered in Magento is very wide. Owners can access any extension they want and can enhance the flexibility. You can integrate third party application into eCommerce store through extension. It may be in the means of Payment, features, social media and many more. The extension directory of Magento s very wide.

So, we saw some of the great features of why Magento is very preferred medium for eCommerce web development. So we prefer Magento as best platform for ecommerce solution. Let us know your views and comment.