responsive_web_designThe first and the foremost advice while designing a website is start thinking from a customer perspective rather than designer or profit oriented thinking. Many people think that just by including some images and videos and sounds, they have created a world class website, but such is not the case. Let’s say every time you open the website a video starts to play or an audio file plays. These tend to get annoying at some point of time. Always bear in mind that your website is one destination that shows your products and define yourself and present yourself to the world, basically a first impression. And as they say first impression is the last impression. So designing your website with proper layout and user friendly content, also simple colors can go a long way instead of crowded and many bright colors and extra information.

Website designing is one of the phases of building the whole website. The first one being buying a branded domain name and the second one being hosting the website over the server. The next phase is designing. There are some basic yet necessary things to consider when it comes to designing the website. Let’s say a website with great pictures, informative videos and great color combination goes a long way and attracts more users the website with irrelevant data, unwanted sounds and just advertisement videos. People are tend to take these websites as promotional ones and don’t even click on any of the inner pages.Thus loosing traffic.

There are few basic standards one should follow to ensure quick success of their webpage such web standards helps the:-

  • Webpage to be easily accessible and load faster then other Web Pages. Lot of times if Web Pages take time to load they tend to lose traffic.
  • Also by following the standards, the back hand of the website is easily available and can make necessary changes when required and in quick succession.
  • Best part is low maintenance. As it is already matching the marks and standards, one has to make fewer changes in the webpage and just maintain and enhance what they have.
  • Lastly, and probably main point is such standard followed webpage’s are search engine friendly and are always ranked higher among search engines.

Also, no one is better option than professional web designers with great knowledge of HTML and other certified web designer courses. As Website Development Company, we believe that design is first and foremost priority. The team at Protonbits is very professional and dedicated when it comes to extensive layout of colorful websites. So hire such professional help and get exact idea and proper direction while making your website. Also now with such increase use of smart phones, intelligent business people have already started making websites that support mobile versions. Mobile versions are bit different then desktop versions as the user interface changes and come simple plug-in and coding is required. Protonbits is also there to help you with it. Such entities help you to make a picture perfect and very good looking website.

Some of the major steps that designers at ProtonBits takes are:-

  • They create user friendly websites. An amateur user can also browse through the webpage’s easily. So good navigation is what is considered by such professionals.
  • Also they create a brand name for you. Such properly made websites is all about branding, so the client can get desired result.
  • The point of contact of the respective website is very much visible to the search engines, thus making it very search engine friendly.
  • Also the content is relevant, point to point, and easily understandable. Extra information or useless information can result badly for websites.
  • The Meta details or any other details about the webpage is attractive and eye catching.

Now let’s see some fast basic steps to create a good website, Make a relevant page like your home page and include everything you want in it. Now make all the inner pages just the copy of the home page. It saves times and you don’t mess up with the layout. Now include all the details and tabs you want and design each page with relevance. As all the pages are of the same color scheme, they look beautiful and well organized. Also setting up the resolution of the webpage is an extremely important and integral part. Always try to keep your resolution to default browser settings so the websites fit accordingly. A good and simple looking website is what goes a long long way. Keep in mind it is all about class and not looks. Looks is temporary but class is permanent. Last but not the least or rather most important the content you share on the website. Content is the king and queen of all online business today. So include relevant content, true content educate your visitors and see the increase in traffic over your webpage.

So, we saw today why layouts of websites are important when it comes to designing a website. A layout gives you a rough idea of how it will look and what necessary change too make while you’re designing your website. Keep in mind the above simple steps and design a great, colorful website. We haven’t covered all the tips and we are always free for suggestions and comments so don’t hesitate to leave one. Thank You!