Why WordPress is Best Choice for Building your Website
Wordpress is considered as the best option when it comes to CMS. Especially in the last year, the growth of WordPress as a first choice for CMS Websites has grown enormously. Surveys show that over 1/3 off all WordPress installations have been download and installed in the last year. So, it shows how WordPress has grown and how much it is preferred by developers as well as the clients. WordPress is nothing but highly user friendly and extensive Content Management System. It is one of the many CMS available but probably the most preferred. And just like two sides of coin, WordPress also has it benefits and drawbacks. But the benefits are more compared to the former. However, during early years of WordPress, it was considered as a platform for blogging. But with time it was proved wrong, YES! It is still the best blogging platform, but along with that it has developed into a very powerful CMS that can run any website.

Many companies today like us(Protonbits), use such WordPress services to power there website. There many reasons behind it. Let’s take a look at some basic reasons:-

  • It is not just a platform anymore; it is an online community that brings bloggers and website developers together.
  • Easy to use interface and friendly customization.
  • Many big and heavy websites are considering WordPress today.
  • Cheap, affordable and easy hosting.

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Many recognized websites over the globe like Ford, CNN, Peoples Magazine, Wall Street Journal, ETC are up and running and are developed in WordPress. Protonbits, itself is made on WordPress platform and we are a team of professional working very hard in WordPress web development services. The team is very professional and with extensive knowledge of the current market, they come with best solutions for their clients.

Now let’s take look at some other detailed prospects as why WordPress is very desirable:-

  • Being free and open source is what makes wordpress different and desirable.
  • Easy hosting, easy download process, and one can host on its own server.
  • WordPress has no control over your website, even if the website is not favored by wordpress, still they cannot taken down your website. Yes, but is important to follow their guidelines.
  • The security is never an issue with wordpress; all your content is safe and secure once uploaded.
  • Even, to update your existing website is easy. If wordpress comes up with new updates, just download the update and upgrade your website to the new update.
  • Themes, is there other proud possession. Just simply install the theme, without even disturbing the content. Over 1000 themes are offered by wordpress, but for professional theme you can use Tesla themes.
  • WordPress offers more than 25,000 plug-in. Installing plugins is always recommended for extra features. Plug-in like, Social media widgets, contact forms, forums, polls and other are offered by wordpress.
  • The back-end of wordpress is very user friendly. The resources offered by other website to access wordpress are developed. Several websites offers word by word instructions to use wordpress. Personally speaking, it is the most users friendly CMS ever made for both user and the designer.
  • Lastly, SEO supportive features are also there proud possession. The in build SEO features are completely available for publishing content. Some of the SEO plug-in includes Meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, permalinks and other.

The list can go on and on, but we guess we will stop it here for today. Simplicity with superb features is what makes WordPress very desirable. And the experience we had working with wordpress is better than any other CMS platform in the world. If you are looking for an easy maintained and highly advanced website WordPress is the answer! Let us know your comment.