FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

We have compiled frequently asked question on this page. For any query or information,please contact us.

What advantages can you guarantee?

We guarantee you to deliver a valuable product for mobile, web & cloud app development. Your project details and accessibility data are kept highly confidential by signing Non-Disclousre Agreement while starting your Project Development Processs which include the provision of two parties i.e Company & Client.

What are your payment models?

We have our reasonable rates for development. Because we are highly focused on delivering quality solution for our clients. We introduced two models i.e Fixed Cost and Hourly Cost. For Fixed Cost, your estimate would be constant depends on the client requirement. For Hourly Cost, you have to hire a dedicated developer to work on your project which can cut your cost of development.

What is the quality of people you employ?

The quality of software development company is ultimately the quality of its people. We hire employee from premier engineering instituates. Highly Qualified with Industries Certified.

What are your payment terms?

For Fixed Rate Project:
Approval on Project: 25%
Prototype Development Process:25%
50% Completion Project: 25%
100% Work Delivered:25%

For Hourly Rate Project:
We upfront charge for weekly hour depends on how much hour Hire Dedicated Developer would work with your project.

How do you assure confidentiality?

To keep your data and information highly confidential, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreement between two parties i.e Company & Client before you disclose any information to us. Data & information will be shared with our employee & contractors only, who are bond with our legal framework company policy.

What will be the process of Product Development for web,mobile & cloud app development?

We prefer to work with Agile Methodologies. We provide you review for design, develop & testing product. One of our client associate will be the point of contact through out your project. For better accessibility of development, Developer can able to communicate with you to discuss deep talks about your requirement over skype,phone or mail.

How much day in week are you working?

We work for 5 days in week. In urgency, a client associate will communicate with you over all 7 days in week.

Do we completely own source code of Product Development for Web, Mobile & Cloud App?

We own you completely source code after receiving 100% Payment. A source code may be licence which cannot be duplicate.

How do we communicate with you?

After signing Non-Disclosure Agreement, we will be provide you one client associate with his/her all communication details so that it will be easy to discuss about your project progress. A Client associate will be available for 24 hours with 7 days in week.

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