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Our Mobile e-commerce development solutions involve designing innovative and interesting mobile applications for shopping and e-commerce platforms. We design cross platform solutions that are robust, optimal and light weight. We provide shoppers full set of features and exciting user experience while they use their android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian Operating systems.

Our mobile e-commerce solutions enable responsive layout design and fast loading times that makes mobile browsing and shopping a unique experience. With numerous interfaces, extensions and third party plug-ins our mobile applications can be downloaded from live app stores for free or for a fixed premium. We are powered with high informative and intense in-site search, integration with Amazon mobile and PayPal mobile payments, order management systems, mobile marketing tools, currency conversions, integration with UPS, FedEx, USPS etc.

Our services include

At Protonbits, we design exclusive shopping solutions that include latest features like instant payment, currency conversion, live shopping experience, one click order placement, easy online store conversion etc. Our shopping interfaces are all optimized, light weight and also ranked superior in organic searches by global search engines. We also upgrade any customer website into an online store with our elegant templates and vibrant designs.

Why Protonbits is ideal for your requirement?

At Protonbits:

  • Our team is knowledgeable and diligent
  • Excellent resource management
  • We are eager to receive feedbacks and improve ourselves continuously

What process Protonbits follow for development?

  • We have a great technical team of enthusiastic engineers
  • We are good in time, resource and project management
  • We charge as per market norms
  • We deliver top quality work in less time

Project development at Protonbits

  • we follow the agile software development model
  • we get into planning mode
  • we discuss project implementation milestones and document the same
  • we begin development and parallel testing
  • we integrate developed features and perform integration testing
  • we deploy our app at client side and are ready for live upload to app store

Which business applications we develop at Protonbits?

We have undertaken projects related to

  • Mobile financial services app development
  • Mobile ticketing application
  • Mobile vouchers, coupons, purchases portals
  • Mobile banking application
  • Mobile payment portal etc.

We are the best because:

We are adept in project management and our resources are technically brilliant. At Protonbits, we develop cost effective mobile e-commerce web solutions that are edgy and innovative. Our operations are transparent and you can hire our services by hiring the best people from our lot.

We undertake consultancy services as well and we provide quotations for your business requirement. Write to us or call us with your proposal, we will get in touch with you shortly and provide a non-obligatory quote as well!

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