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At ProtonBits, we understand the importance of a strong online presence for real estate businesses. That's why we offer top-notch Real Estate Digital Marketing Services, empowering you to excel in the digital realm.

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Pricing for Everyone

Choose our all-in-one package, which includes a comprehensive bundle of digital marketing services, website maintenance, server management, and much more, ensuring that you have everything you need to enhance your online presence and achieve your business goals.

Monthly Package

USD 1399

From Website to Digital Marketing - All in One

Digital Marketing
Website Maintenance
Server Management
Many More IT Services
Yearly Package

USD 13999

Buy Yearly Package and save USD 2789

Digital Marketing
Website Maintenance
Server Management
Many More IT Services

What feature it include in package?

Our feature-packed packages encompass a wide range of services, including digital marketing strategies, website maintenance, server management, and much more, providing you with a comprehensive solution to boost your online presence and drive the success of your real estate business.

Search Engine Optimization
ProtonBits implements proven strategies to optimize your real estate website, increasing its visibility and driving organic traffic from search engines.
Google Business Listing
We optimize your Google Business Listing, ensuring that your real estate business appears prominently in local search results, attracting potential clients and boosting your online presence.
Yelp Business Listing
ProtonBits sets up and optimizes your Yelp Business Listing, allowing you to showcase your real estate services, gain credibility through reviews, and reach a wider audience.
Yellow Pages Business Listing
We promote your real estate business through Yellow Pages, a popular directory, to expand your online visibility, attract local customers, and generate valuable leads.
Apple Map Listing
ProtonBits ensures your real estate business is listed accurately on Apple Maps, making it convenient for potential clients to locate and reach your physical location.
Setting up Social Media Profile
Our team assists in setting up your social media profiles, including platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to establish a strong online presence, engage with your target audience, and showcase your real estate expertise effectively.
Blog Content
ProtonBits provides engaging and informative blog content creation services to attract and engage your target audience, establishing your real estate brand as an industry authority.
Press Release Distribution
We distribute press releases on relevant platforms, ensuring wider reach and visibility for important announcements and updates related to your real estate business.
Social Media Post
ProtonBits creates and schedules engaging social media posts across various platforms, effectively promoting your real estate offerings and engaging with your audience.
Content Marketing
Our team develops comprehensive content marketing strategies to drive traffic, generate leads, and nurture relationships with your target audience, utilizing various content formats and distribution channels.
Content Development
We provide end-to-end content development services, including research, writing, editing, and optimization, ensuring high-quality and SEO-friendly content for your real estate website and marketing campaigns.
Setting up Paid Ads Campaign
ProtonBits sets up targeted paid advertising campaigns across platforms like Google Ads and social media channels, driving relevant traffic and increasing conversions for your real estate business.
Landing Page Creation
We design and create optimized landing pages to enhance conversion rates for your real estate campaigns, capturing leads and maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
Paid Ads Management
Our experts manage and optimize your paid advertising campaigns, continuously monitoring performance, adjusting strategies, and maximizing ROI for your real estate business.
Review Management
ProtonBits helps you manage online reviews and reputation by monitoring, responding, and actively seeking positive reviews to build credibility and trust among potential clients.
SSL Ceritificate
ProtonBits ensures your real estate website is secure by implementing and maintaining SSL certificates, establishing trust and protecting sensitive user information.
Managing Hosting Server
We handle the management and maintenance of your hosting server, ensuring reliable performance, security, and scalability for your real estate website.
Managing Your Domains
ProtonBits assists in domain management, including registration, DNS configuration, and renewals, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for your real estate business.
Managing your Email Services
We help set up and manage email services for your real estate business, ensuring professional communication, email marketing capabilities, and efficient inbox management.
Website Maintenance
Our team provides ongoing website maintenance services, including updates, backups, security monitoring, and resolving any technical issues that may arise, keeping your real estate website running smoothly.
Website Changes
ProtonBits assists with implementing desired changes and updates to your real estate website, ensuring a seamless user experience and reflecting the latest offerings or information.
Website Design & Development
We offer professional website design and development services, creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites that effectively showcase your real estate brand and offerings.
Managing Real Estate Listing
Our experts help manage and optimize your real estate listings on various platforms, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information, improving visibility, and attracting potential buyers or tenants.
Live Chat Implementation
ProtonBits integrates live chat functionality into your website, enabling real-time communication with visitors, answering queries, and providing personalized support to enhance customer experience.
24*7 Online Support
ProtonBits provides round-the-clock online support, ensuring prompt assistance and resolving any technical or marketing-related queries to ensure the smooth operation of your real estate digital presence.
Hubspot CRM Implementation
We assist in implementing HubSpot CRM, a powerful customer relationship management tool, helping you streamline your sales and marketing processes for improved efficiency and lead management.
Sales & Marketing Automation
Our team helps automate repetitive sales and marketing tasks, leveraging tools like email marketing automation and lead nurturing workflows to save time, increase productivity, and drive conversions.

How ProtonBits Can Help?

With 10+ years of experience as a real estate digital marketing agency, we create unique campaigns that will help your business grow and acquire new clients through our technical expertise and detailed insights in marketing, advertising, and sales.

Brand Building

Build your brand, improve your online reputation and get in front of future customers

IT Service & Support

ProtonBits specializes in providing comprehensive IT service and support specifically tailored for the real estate industry.

Online Presence

Grow your online presence through paid and organic search

Quick Support

Get quick support from our expert team of web developers, designers, and content specialists.

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