Top 7 Financial Planning Software for Financial Advisors

In today’s fast-paced financial environment, financial advisors need cutting-edge tools to stay competitive and deliver exceptional service to their clients. 

Advanced financial planning software is crucial for providing detailed, accurate, and personalized financial advice. 

Here, we present the top 7 financial planning software for financial advisors, with ProtonBits leading the way.


ProtonBits is the premier choice for financial planning software for financial advisors. Renowned for its comprehensive features and user-friendly design, ProtonBits integrates top-notch financial IT services tailored to the specific needs of advisors and their clients. 

As a leading financial software development company, ProtonBits offers highly customizable solutions, ensuring that financial plans are as unique as the clients they serve. 

Additionally, ProtonBits employs skilled Ruby on Rails developers who ensure the platform is robust, scalable, and efficient.

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eMoney Advisor

eMoney Advisor is a trusted name in the industry, providing an all-encompassing approach to financial planning. The software includes tools for cash flow management, retirement planning, and investment tracking. 

Its intuitive design and powerful analytics make it a favorite among financial advisors aiming to deliver comprehensive financial plans.


MoneyGuidePro emphasizes goal-based financial planning, enabling advisors to create detailed, customized plans centered on clients’ specific financial objectives. 

The platform’s interactive interface engages clients in the planning process, facilitating clearer communication of complex financial concepts. Its robust scenario planning and “what-if” analysis tools are particularly valuable.


RightCapital offers a user-friendly interface coupled with sophisticated financial planning capabilities. It includes features for tax planning, retirement projections, and Social Security optimization. 

RightCapital’s innovative approach allows advisors to visualize clients’ financial futures and develop actionable plans to achieve their goals.


Advyzon is a versatile tool combining financial planning with client relationship management (CRM). 

The platform supports comprehensive financial planning, performance reporting, and document storage. Advyzon’s seamless integration with other financial IT services enhances its utility for financial advisors.

Advicent NaviPlan

Advicent NaviPlan is known for its precise and detailed financial planning capabilities, catering to both high-net-worth clients and those with simpler needs. 

The software includes robust modules for retirement, education, and insurance planning, ensuring advisors can offer tailored advice to all clients.

Orion Advisor Services

Orion Advisor Services provides a comprehensive suite of tools for financial planning, investment management, and client servicing. 

It is designed to streamline workflows and improve client communication. The platform’s integration with various third-party financial IT services makes it a flexible and powerful choice for advisors.


Choosing the right financial planning software is crucial for financial advisors looking to provide top-tier service and maintain a competitive edge. 

ProtonBits stands out with its extensive features and seamless integration of financial IT services, making it the go-to solution for advisors. 

Backed by a leading financial software development company and skilled Ruby on Rails developers, ProtonBits offers a robust and customizable platform.

Each of the other software options listed brings unique strengths to the table, catering to different aspects of financial planning. 

Whether you need advanced analytics, goal-based planning, or CRM integration, these tools can help you enhance your practice and better serve your clients.

For advisors aiming to excel in their field and drive client satisfaction, investing in the right financial planning software is essential. 

With these top 7 options, you are well-equipped to choose the best fit for your needs, ensuring your practice remains efficient, accurate, and client-focused.

If you’re also looking for solutions beyond financial planning, such as online fundraising software, consider exploring the integrated offerings from these top platforms to support your comprehensive financial services.

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