7 Popular Websites Built On Laravel

In today’s world, every business wants a website for their product! In this era of web development, Laravel has evolved as one of the most popular and preferable PHP frameworks. 

Many web app development companies trust the Laravel framework to craft effective websites. PHP-Laravel is famous for its elegant syntax, developer-friendly features, and robust ecosystem. 

Laravel is the most chosen framework for the development of a wide range of websites, from simple blogs to complex business apps, it is best to opt.

In this article, we will explore the top 7 famous websites built on Laravel framework. 

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DonorKite is the donation tracker software product that is built on the Ruby on Rails development framework, but the contact website is built on Laravel framework.

This is the most affordable donation management system for nonprofits, churches, charities, and NGOs to manage and track their donation easily and online. 

There are various features offered by DonorKite such as donor data management, a donor control panel, accepting online donations, automatically generating and sending donation receipts, generate reports on donation history to boost fundraising efforts.

For branding and marketing of DonorKite donation software, the developer team has created the DonorKite website which is completely built on the Laravel framework. Most of the Laravel features are embraced by the DonorKite website. 

Customers can be directly directed to the free trial page of DonorKite software through the easy directions features of Laravel. You can connect with the team through the website of DonorKite – the donation tracking software


Laracasts – the educational platform that is crafted by Jeffrey Way, a prominent identity in the Laravel community. It provides high-quality video tutorials and courses on web app development which is majorly built by Laravel and relevant tech stack. 

The Laracasts website itself is created on Laravel which showcases the framework’s capabilities in managing huge amounts of tutorial content and user interactions.

World Walking

As the name suggests World Walking is a fitness app that motivates its users to stay active and physically healthy by allowing them to visit the different world’s locations virtually.

World Walking has a set of features such as step-tracking, goal-setting, and different community challenges that enhance the thought of opting for a healthier lifestyle. 

For the World Walking app, Laravel is an important part of the whole platform, ensuring reliability and scalability as the number of users consistently grows.


Flarum is one of the open-source forum software that focuses on simplicity, speed, and extensibility. 

This website built on Laravel and Vue.js framework, making Flarum offer an advanced and responsive forum experience for administrators as well as users.

Its modular design and architecture allow for seamless feature customization and third-party extension integration.

October CMS

October CMS is a popular content management system created for developers who prefer a simple but powerful development platform for crafting websites.

By opting for Laravel’s MVC architecture, October CMS provides flexibility and customization options while offering a user-friendly interface for content editors. 

Developers can expand the October CMS functionality through various plugins and themes in respective of a wide range of project suitability. 

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a famous invoicing and billing software majorly used by freelancers and small businesses globally. 

It offers important features that require invoice details such as time tracking, expense management, and client portals. With the help of these billing features, Invoice Ninja simplifies the invoicing process and assists businesses stay organized in financial terms.

The backend of Invoice Ninja is powered by the Laravel framework that ensures security, productivity, app performance, and scalability for managing financial transactions.

Laravel Shift

Laravel Shift is a productivity tool for developers that automates the process of upgrading Laravel applications to the latest versions. 

By analyzing codebases and generating pull requests with recommended changes, Shift streamlines the upgrade process and reduces the risk of compatibility issues. 

The Shift platform itself is built on Laravel, demonstrating the framework’s suitability for building developer-focused tools.


Overall, the Laravel framework consistently is a preferred choice for creating websites and web applications because of its expressive syntax, robust features, and active community support. 

All the popular website examples mentioned above light up the versatility and scalability of the Laravel framework in boosting a wide range of website types, from educational software development to e-commerce web app solutions. 

Day by day, as the Laravel ecosystem continues to grow, we can expect to see even more advanced, market-ready, and innovative websites and applications developed on this powerful framework.

Happy Laravel!!

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